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Update: Sidebar / 100 Users

Post by Tyler on Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:26 pm

This morning, we reached 100 registered users! A huge thank you to all 100 of you for being a part of the forum. Who knows how much bigger we'll grow? In the meantime, why not welcome our newest and 100th user, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]?

As you will hopefully have already noticed, I have added a new sidebar to the forum. The sidebar is intended to give users a host of useful information that will appear on all pages. I will outline these new features below.

- Profile
This is a short summary of your profile - your username, avatar, how many posts you have, how many unread private messages you have and a link to your full profile. 

- Latest Topics
This is a scrolling list of the latest topics that were posted in. This allows you to see what the forum is talking about right now, so you can get involved in the discussion.

- Statistics
This is just a few details about the forum - it will tell you how many users we have and who the latest one to register is, and also how many posts have been made and in how many topics.

- Top Posters
This chart shows the top 10 posters on the board. Top Posters are determined by how active they are on the forum. By hovering over a Top Poster's bar, you can see both how many posts they have and what percentage of all posts of the forum they account for. 

- Most Active Topics
This is a list of the all-time most active topics. Hopefully, over time, this will become a list of topics that all users have something to contribute to at some point.

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